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Welcome to my home page. My name is Roger, I am a surgical professor at Porto's University Medical School. I was born in 1950, I am a radioamateur since 1993, and own an A Class licence. My chief radio interest is QRP (that means transmitting with very low power), although my station has quite high power capability. My preferred mode of transmission is telegraphy (CW), although I occasionally use phone (SSB, rarely FM), packett or even radio teletype (RTTY). I have constructed a part of my radio equipment, but the chronic lack of time keeps
I am a member of several radio associations: Rede dos Emissores Portugueses (REP), # 840; International Short Wave League (ISWL), # CT-20547; Fists, # 2878; G-QRP Club, #8673; Northern California QRP Club (NorCal), # 2130; Adventure Radio Society (ARS), # 268, and Internet QRP Club (QRP-L), # 516. I run the QRP column of the only portuguese radio magazine, the QSP - Revista de Radio e Comunicações. My station has full HF capability (10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160 meters), and I like to enter in international contests running powers from 100 mW to 5 watts (in very exceptional occasions I can run up to my 2 kW of spare power). I have full VHF (2 and 6 meter bands) and limited UHF capability. I own a nice collection of contest awards, but although I have about 200 confirmed countries, I have never claimed the DXCC Award. I have HF and VHF capability on my BMW, and I just love to operate telegraphy, while driving, as CT1ETT/M. Sometimes I do transmit in HF from my bike, with small QRP transcevers loading a home-made aerial. I like to operate a VHF and/or HF portable station when travelling, and I have been active as CT1ETT/P, EA/CT1ETT/P, F/CT1ETT, G0/CT1ETT/P, HB9/CT1ETT/P, I/CT1ETT/P, M0/CT1ETT/P, OH/CT1ETT/P, ON/CT1ETT/P, PA/CT1ETT/P, SM/CT1ETT, W2/CT1ETT/P, W4/CT1ETT/P and W6/CT1ETT/P. I have also operated 4U1ITU at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, SK0TM at the Telecommunications Museum in Stockholm, CT5JCS on a Jamboree and CQ5H and CQ5L as a member of a team activating a Lighthouse. In 1998 I have worked about 7000 stations from all parts of the world, under the call  CT98ETT(Expo'98).
My other hobbies include photography, oil and pastel painting, classical music, mineralogy, paleonthology, archeology and history.
Rogério Gonzaga, MD,PhD
Rua de Belém, 358
4300 Porto - Portugal
Telephone:  +351919350648
[email protected]
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I live at one of the highest parts of Porto, the second portuguese city, at 41º 10' 16.2" N, 8º 35' 0.5" W, and 140 m ASL. My locator is IN51re, at WAZ 14, ITU 37. In my peaceful residential location there are no aerial restrictions, and actually I have a nice antenna farm in my roof and garden: TH6DX, TH3 Jr, FD-4 like Windom, 2BDQ, 160 meters inverted-L Marconi, 12AVQ and CP-5 HF verticals, longwires and dipoles including the G5RV and ZS6BKW, quart of wave slooper for the 80 meters, a couple of homebrewed magloops for HF, and verticals, collinears and yagis for the VHF and UHF bands, all of those loading from 6 to 19 meters AGL. I have a nice collection of rigs, including the IC-706 MkII, FT-757GX, FT-102, Atlas 210X, HW-101, Racal RA-15, FT-221-R, FT-212RH, FT-480-R, Nautec-SM-1645, IC-2GXET, TH-215, DJ-C5, Index QRP++, Argonaut 509, HW-9, MFJ-9020, MFJ-9420, Mizuho-JIM MX14S and several homebrewed rigs. I own a Tokyo-HX240, a Microwave 432 and a 6m homemade transverters, a Dentron Clipperton-L HF Linear, two Lunar and a Tokyo HL-37V VHF linears, and a
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