A minha estação em 2016 -CT1EEB - My station in 2016

QTH: Murtosa / Portugal

A minha estação em 2013 -LA3PUA - My station in 2013

QTH: Sandvika / Norway

No inicio em 1989 -CT1EEB - In the beginning 1989

QTH: Salreu / Portugal

casa.jpg (41952 bytes)

Aerial view of my QTH and the antenna system

Vista Aérea do meu QTH e o sistema de antenas

Paulo CT1ETE, José CT1EEB and Marco CT1EAV

Victor CT1WO, José CT1EEB, Luis CT4NH and Luis CT1EEQ

Assembling the EAantennas 59+ with Rodrigo EA7JX

DX meeting in Oslo with Carlos LA9PJA

DX meeting part II - In Oslo with Rag LA5HE

João CT1BOH, Luís CT1EEQ and José CT1EEB

Rodrigo EA7JX working CQWW SSB from my QTH

Dov 4Z4DX and José CT1EEB

At Ghis ON5NT QTH in Belgium

Fernando CT1BXX and José CT1EEB talking about Ham Radio in a Television show


Lecturing about propagation in the 160m band

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