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New-years 2002 came with a invitation from "URE Jarama" to join forces for the IOTA Contest 2002 in the Sisargas Arch. EU-077 in Spain.

I was really looking for my first serious IOTA activity from Spain, until then I had only made few QSO's from "Isla de Tabarca EU-093" and from one of the ED1ISA Salamanca Islands for the DIE Award, so I imediatelly replies YES.






In the photo you can see us checking all hardware before departing to the Island.







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Sisarga Grande rises from the ocean as a huge cliff, from the boat anchorage up to the lighthouse takes about 30 minutes each way, the long climb to the top with all hardware took about an hour (3 journeys had to be made).

My guess is that the IOTA Contest Committee should look close when a station declares the entry as "DX'Pedition"!




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Looking at the photos it is more than clear that ED1URJ is a "REAL" DX'pedition, on the other hand sitting in a comfortable chair with all comodities and hardware already assembled IT IS NOT but some people still think that it  qualifies as a DX'pedition !

The DX'peditioner should at least assemble all station and antennas for a fair entry in that Contest category (sleeping in a camping tent in the top of a rock also helps, Hi!).




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Friday afternoon and evening were spend getting everything up to the lighthouse and setting the Base Camp, the station and antennas had to wait for next morning, there wasn't much time left for outside the Contest QSO's, nevertheless Q's were made in 50, 144 and 432 Mhz giving out Gridsquare IN53.


In the photo you can see "Hotel Sisargas", our camping place in the Top of the Island.




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ED1URJ got in-the-air exactly at 12:00 UTC (Saturday) for a 24 hour Low-Power run of 1985 QSO's, 813 in CW and 1172 in SSB to 93 diferent DXCC entities (includes HF+VHF+UHF).

IOTA Contest claimed score: 4.077 Million points.

In the photo Lopes CT1CJJ is standing, Eduardo EA2TV works SSB and Josť CT1EEB is at the CW position.





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The ED1URJ Team

Standing (L to R): Lopes CT1CJJ, Josť CT1EEB, Javier EA1CA, Gerardo EA4ST, Filipe CT1ILT

Sitting (L to R): Pedro, Rosendo EA4ABE, our boat master, Eduardo EA2TV, Pepe EA1DKV