Amateur Radio since 1984, operative on HF, VHF, UHF - DXing.
                                                 Collaborator with QSP- Radio Communication Magazine (Redactor).
                                                 Representative in Portugal of DUBUS - Magazine, since 1997.
                                                 Correspondent of A.G.A.F. - Magazine, German ATV- Association.

               Main interests:

               DX - Purely long distance contacts, specially from 25 to 144 MHz.
               Antennas - Technology, manual construction and studies.
               Radio equipment's - Not electrodomestics, the hard core, the old stuff, military and commercial
               Friendship - Bridge between cultures, races, ideologies.

                     My powerfully STATION  

                     My address:
                     A. Filipe S. Ferreira
                     Couto de Cima - Viseu
                 My E-Mail :  [email protected]