OZ7DAL Danish Amateur Lightship issues this award to all licenced radioamateurs and SWL’s. OZ7DAL is located on board "Fyrskib XXI". The award is available in 7 classes as a basic award with 6 upgrades.

Valid for the award are QSLs for contacts on or after 25. march 1994 with amateur radio stations duly authorised to operate from active or inactive lighthouses or lightships anywhere in the world.

Direct contacts are valid. Min RS(T) 33(8) on any band or mode. Crossmodes are accepted. We encourage VHF operators to apply with a mix of QSLs for direct contacts and SWL.

QSLs must reflect QTH (Photo-QSL, official stamp on QSL or similar). Do not send QSLs. A list showing full details of the contacts should be certified by the award manager of a national society. If the applicant is not a member of a national society, all QSLs must be sent to OZ7DAL with a sufficient number of IRCs for their return. Regardless of a national award manager, OZ7DAL, reserve the right to call for the applicant to submit any or all of the cards listed in the claim.

As the reply rate on SWL’s can be as low as 25%, SWL’s need only send a list of stations heard.

OX, OY and OZ stations apply direct to OZ7DAL with QSLs including sufficient postage for their return.

The award can only be claimed if the contacts are made/heard over a period of more than 7 days.

Basic awards requirements:

7 contacts anywhere in the world. OZ7DAL is mandatory as one of the contacts.


Additional 8 contacts. New total 15. Minimum of 4 countries.

Additional 5 contacts. New total 20. Minimum 6 countries in 2 continents.

Additional 5 contacts. New total 25. Minimum 8 countries in 3 continents.

Additional 5 contacts. New total 30. Minimum 10 countries in 4 continents.

Additional 5 contacts. New total 35. Minimum 15 countries in 3 continents.

Additional 15 contacts. New total 50. Minimum 20 countries in all 6 continents.

The fee for this award is 12 IRCs, 9$US or 55 DKK including first class mail (100 g.)

Upgrades: Standard size SAE and 3 IRCs, 2$US or 15 DKK pr. upgrade.

The address for the award is

DK 8400 Ebeltoft