"Worked Portuguese Lighthouse Award"

DFP is an Award Program for all Hams interested doing contacts with stations operating from Lighthouses in Portugal (CT), Madeira (CT3) and Azores (CU).

DFP is available for SSB, CW and Mixed, also on VHF but on direct frequencies on direct only, contacts by repeaters or relays are not valid.DFP is edited and sponsored by CLUBE RADIOS DO ATLĀNTICO.

DFP is available graded in difficult by licensed Amateurs and SWL for contacts starting from December 7Th, 1994.

Currently, two separated class award are available: SIMPLE and HARD, plus HONOUR-ROLL and TOP HONOUR-ROLL.

Lighthouses Program consists on following requirements:

SIMPLE class - 5 contacts and confirmation on 5 different Lighthouses in Portugal, or Madeira or Azores.

HARD class - 10 contacts and confirmations from stations operated from 10 different Lighthouses representing PORTUGAL (CT), MADEIRA (CT3) and AZORES (CU). (on this class may be up-dated every time the appliers want to do it).

HONOUR-ROLL - 25 contacts and confirmations from stations operated from 25 different Portuguese Lighthouses .

TOP HONOUR-ROLL - 50 contacts and confirmations from stations operated in almost 50 different Portuguese Lighthouses.

DFP Award Manager is Manuel Alberto C. Marques, CT1BWW

Detailed extract of the log showing: Call-sign of the station worked, date, time, frequency, mode, RST received, name of Lighthouse, plus all QSL cards for the contact listed. Members of the Club don't need to send QSL's to the Award Manager but some cards must be sent in case a check of some of them may be requested.

QSL's will sent back through the Bureau or direct if required from aplliers. In this second case a SASE may be enclosed. Applicant must send sufficient postage for cover expenses for any cards submitted.

The fee of DFP all classes is US $5,00 or 10 IRC's.  

The fee for DFP Top-Honour (Plate) is EUR,30,00 or US$50,00.

Endorsements: Adhesive stamp with a Lighthouse is available for each group of 10 different Lighthouses fee is US $2,00 or 4 IRC's.