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since 13.03.2000

Czech & Slovak LF Group

This page is dedicated to all long-wave enthusiastics.

Ministry of telecomunications in Slovakia (and Czech rep.)
allowed us to use 136kHz on secondary basis with special licence.
According to this we decided to make LF club with name
Czech & Slovak LF Group
 That means no only 137 kHz but any freq from 30 - 300 kHz
Membership is free.
Anyone who interested about this band can be a member.
Also listener can be a member because there are many people who either can't
use this band or have no equipment and place to work there. If you want to
join us and help us or to help yourself with the first contacts just contact
us any way. We are on packet, direct, telephone, internet e-mail.

Please contact us !
Richard Gasparik
Cepenska 119
Sered 92601
E-mail: [email protected] 
AX-25: om2tw@om0pbm.#zsl.svk.eu
We would welcome as many members as possible.

We thank you for reading this and wish you best "DX" on LF.

                                  Sincerely,  Rich OM2TW

CS LF E-mail reflector

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Send the message subscribe cs_lf_group
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Messages for the reflector should be sent to
[email protected]
and kept short and polite!

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