The Crossbar Radio Club consists of an informal group of Amateur Radio Operators. It exists only at the pleasure of the participants for the purpose of pursuing the Amateur Radio hobby and for social reasons. For the purposes of clarity, the terms assets, club, member, meeting, etc., are used but are not intended to presume legal definitions.

The group is not legally or otherwise affiliated with any commercial, noncommercial, philanthropic, educational, or other entity. It is, therefore, not obligated to abide by any policy or practice other than those required by applicable Federal, State and Local laws, rules, and regulations, and by coordination such as may be determined by the recognized and accepted coordinating bodies.

The club is privately owned and operated by the owner(s) of the various radio systems. The club owner(s) are also participants.

Participation is by invitation only. Interested parties may be recommended to system owner(s) for membership consideration by current members of the Crossbar Radio Club that are in good standing and in membership of at least one year. All prospective members to the system must be sponsored by the current member and to assume responsibility for the candidate in terms of attitude, compatibility and overall use of the radio system. Final determination of suitability for membership lies with the owner(s), however, the opinions of some or all of the participants may be solicited by phone or during a meeting traditionally held in the fall.

Members are expected to maintain the confidentiality of system access and function codes, link frequencies and telephone numbers, precise site locations, member's personal addresses and telephone numbers. They are also expected to provide general financial support to help defray operating and maintenance costs, upgrade system hardware, etc.

Assets remain under the control of the owners who are also individually responsible for all site rental, utility, access, license and other fees.

Adopted January 1, 1977