Cactus Open Repeater Association (K6KTA)

The California Open Repeater Association sponsors four repeaters covering the San Diego County Area.  These repeaters are open for licensed amature radio operators and may be used for group nets or exercises such as CERT or other disaster related activities.  If you would like to use this system for some type of scheduled event, please contact kb6bob @ gmail (dot) com.  All repeaters are "stand alone" except Mt. Woodson and Alpine, which are linked together for both UHF and VHF traffic.
Mt. Woodson (Located just NE of Poway California)  145.180-   PL is 107.2
Alpine (Located in East San Diego County)  447.580-  PL is 107.2
Mt Laguna (Located in East San Diego County)  145.120 PL is 107.2
El Cajon(Located in East San Diego County)  449.580-  PL is 107.2

LAST UPDATED 05/15/2019