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why not
take a look into the fascinating world of QRP

I find this document   Why QRP ?  (by G. Henon, N2APB) as a great way to understand what lies behind this misunderstood acronym

Even with transceivers comercial, I rarely exceed 50w, and 30w is my usual power.
I decided to give a try in mounting a qrp kit, although i having only a very little experience  welding, and ordered a K1 from Elecraft

Here some pictures of my K1 (# 3122)

This page has
been a great help during assembly of the kit

ZM-4 a qrp tuner

This is a Z-match type tuner. It tunes balanced lines as well as random long-wire (but with ground or radials), from 1.8 to 30Mhz.
This is the perfect companion for QRP rig, you don't need any SW-meter, as a perfect match is reached when the LED is off