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250w 6m Homemade Amplifier

6mDXCC#651 phoneDXCC#33068 mixedDXCC#38797

I am ham radio since 1985 after my father CN8BC pushed me to pass the ham radio exam.After that i was qrv only in HF band, participing in some contest to catch the rare DX.
My friend CN8NS learned me the digital modes, owning at that time the venerable PK232.
I discovered a new way to make contest.After that i worked pratically all HF digital modes.
Then i was qrv in vhf band since 1996 mostly in the magic band (ODX is ZL2AAA). In 2001, I started to use the new digital mode : the WSJT with modest equipments. K1JT makes the Meteor Scatter and EarthMoonEarth so easy...I made my first 2m MS qso in August 2001 with F6EAS and my first 2m EME qso in February 2006 with S52LM.

- Icom729
- 600watts Tube Amplifier
- 3 Elements/Tribands Antenna
- Icom746
- 6 Elements yagi for 6 meter
- 250watts 6m Homemade Tetrode Amplifier
- 13 Elements Yagi for Es and MS qso
- 2X17elts/LNA/LowLoss cable/AzEl rotors
- 250watts solid state 2m Amplifier

Having in hand some 4CX1000A and 4CX1500B, I decided,in June 2003, to construct a 6m tube power amplifier (almost qrv). The most difficult thing in such project is to decide which regulator will you use for the famous screen grid.
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You must be Electronician/Plombier to make a tube amplifier and not be afraid to die. Tube Power Amplifier

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