CN8HB's GSC-Tracker (V1.5.0)

This program provides the Software interface for Satellite tracking with WiSP and your radio and rotor.

Features :

  • Manual / Automatic control of Radio and Rotor
  • Interface with WiSP (Satellite Tracking program)
  • Transverter Support (Displays actual traffic frequencies)
  • Last used frequency memory
  • Individual Satellite frequency error correction memories
  • Supports several radios : FT-736, FT-847 or IC-820/821
  • Rotor Control with Fodtrack // interface from XQ2FOD .
  • Choice of Display colours

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Choice of Display colours :


Radio Configuration Panel

  • Radio Selection
    FT-847 / 736 & IC 820 / 821

  • Park settings

  • Transverter parameters

Rotor Control Panel

  • Automatic Tracking with Data provided by Wisp (DDE)
  • This control uses the Fodtrack Parallel Port interface.
    ( FodTrack is written by Manfred XQ2FOD )

Download Fodtrack V 2.6 (188 Ko)
See Interface Schematic

Download (1.19 Mo) (Version 1.5.0)

Download the Readme file

Download the Fodtrack V2.6 package (188 Ko)

Please report bugs and your suggestions to [email protected]

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