CN8HB's CAT-1000D (V1.0.0)

Control your FT-1000D from a computer.
Easy management of the memories, Save and Restore the Memory Bank to a file
A Band Scope displays a graph of the spectrum occupation
Mouse QSYer
QSYer for faster and easier frequency change, QMB function
Record a beacon signal strength over a period of time
and more...

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The main Panel

  • Provides an easy access to all the functions of the transceiver (or at least those accessible by software)
  • Displays the transceiver status flags


The QSYer provides an easy way of making QSYs.

  • The frequency can be entered with the PC keypad ending with the < + > key for VFO-A and the < - > key for VF0-B.
  • The band change can also be done with this panel.
  • The Column of keys at the right side is used for the ''QMB'' function. Right click on any key and the actual frequency and its associated mode are loaded to the key. The frequencies will be saved upon exiting the program.


The Filter Display & Control Panel

  • This panel is meant to display the status of the filters combination.

  • It also allows to adjust the filters combination ''à la carte'' (this is not otherwise possible from the radio front panel).

  • The display is also used as a keypad to select the filter.

  • The optional filters status needs to be entered in a menu.


The Band Scope Display

This display has several functions :

  • It displays an image of the activity on the band

  • It can be used as a Mouse QSYer for fast frequency change

  • It can be used as a S meter recorder over a period of time (i.e. for beacon monitoring)


The Memory Panel

  • This panel provides a way to quickly browse through all the channels.

  • With the list deployed, it is possible to select a memory with a double click on any line.

  • The content of the radio memory can be downloaded and saved on your PC

  • Similarily, it is possible to reload the radio memory from the file on disk.

Download (1.26 Mo) (Version 1.0.0)

Download the Readme file

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