Columbia-Montour Amateur Radio Club

CMARC has been serving the greater Columbia and Montour region for over 35 years.









CMARC Club Information


The Columbia - Montour Amateur Radio Club (CMARC) has been serving the greater Columbia and Montour County region for over 35 years.

The club's main goals are:

  • To form a fellowship of Amateur Radio Operators for the betterment of the hobby
  • Train new operators just coming into the hobby
  • Provide emergency communications for the general public and Columbia and Montour Counties
    2018 CMARC Elected Officials
    President: Bob Foster, K3QIA
    Vice President: Randy Kishbaugh, N3JPV
    Secretary: John Gelety, K3TTT
    Treasurer: Robert Marande, KA2NVF
    Activities Director: Steve Zappe, WA3GQA



    CMARC Trustees
    Matt Lunger, K3JKU Term expires December 2018
    Dennis Nichols, N3VMM Term expires December 2019
    Jack McCann, W3GY Term expires December 2020
    Persons elected to the office of Trustee serve three-year terms



    CMARC Club Officials

    RACES / ARES Radio Officer: Randy Kishbaugh, N3JPV
    ARES Net Manager: Shirley Cicero, KB3TAX
    *Assistant Treasurer: Dave Schack, WC3A
    VE Testing Chairman/ARRL VE Liaison: Matt Lunger, KB3JKU
    *Webmaster: Dave Mosteller, KC3JNW
    *  Position appointed by the CMARC President



    CMARC Mailing Address
    Columbia-Montour ARC
    % Robert Foster
    1586 State Route 93
    Berwick, PA  18603



    CMARC Repeater Information
    147.225 (+600)
    PL 85.4