Pictures from the DXpedition

Below are pictures from the FO0AAA Clipperton Island DXpedition. 

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One of the many planning meetings on the way
to Clipperton Island
Mark ON4WW operating N9NS/MM

A dolphin welcomes the team to Clipperton Island
View of Clipperton Island from the anchored Shogun
A big storm over the Shogun.  Severe weather during
the early stages of the DXpedition added an extra

The Zodiac is loaded and ready to go ashore
A view of the rough ride from a Zodiac on the way to shore
Building the first tent in the pouring rain
Sunrise over Clipperton Rock on March 1st as
team members start assembling the first antennas
Everything gets on the island via Zodiac.
Note the waves in the background!
John N7CQQ moving some equipment
View of the CW camp with the SSB camp
visible 1150 feet to the southeast
The pileups were noisy, but the resident birds
are also very noisy!

A masked booby and chick look on
A crab - up close and personal
Crabs like beer too!
Crabs, Crabs, Crabs... everywhere Crabs!
A structure that NASA recently used on the island
A view of Clipperton Rock from the lagoon
Sunrise with Clipperton Rock in the background
A view of the flags at the CW tent
A masked booby, one of the many species of
birds on the island
Another booby pirched inside of Clipperton Rock

Doug N6TQS having a bite to eat and waiting for his shift
Willy HB9AHL, James 9V1YC, Willy's son Renato,
and John the cook have a bite to eat

Bob K4UEE operating on 160m

Eddie EA3NY operating SSB

Willy HB9AHL operating SSB

Doug VE5RA
Mark ON4WW working the pileups
Jim N9TK operating during the final hours of the DXpedition
Shipwrecked Mexican fishing boat "Oco"
Shipwrecked Mexican fishing boat "Lily Marie"
A view of the Shogun anchored offshore

The last group of operators get ready to depart the island.
A picture of the FO0AAA operators
John N7CQQ picking up the first batch
of QSLs from the post office


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