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Quiz Night



A trivia come general knowledge quiz is held every Thursday night on 3.585 mhz immediately following the Tassie Devil net which starts at 2000 EST. (1000 UTC). The quiz usually starts at 2030 EST (1030 UTC) after checkins are recorded and the quizmaster has got himself/herself organised. Daylight saving causes these time to be varied due to the fact that the mainland is in a different time zone for a week or two until it catches up with Tasmania.

 Numbers vary between 10 and 20 people plus an unknown number of shortwave listeners. All are welcome to join in. The winner of the quiz has the privilege of being the quizmaster the following week. This is also a good opportunity for award chasers to work Club members for the Tassie Trout Award.

To assist quizmasters Vince VK7VH has designed a score sheet which you can download. It's only 6 kb and should make life easier for those who have a PC near the rig.

Click the icon to download Vince's Quiz score sheet

Zip file

XLS file