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Summer Special!

In honor of our 1 year anniversary for the Cypress Cities program, we have decided to celebrate and to help kick up the scores a little. To do this, we are going to have good old-fashioned membership drive. The cool thing about this is EVERYONE will be an instant qualifier for both Cypress and Cypress Cities during this time. That means everyone will receive 5 points for each new member that uses you as a qualifier. The bonus is going to be that the four persons that have the most new members qualified at the end of the special will receive an additional bonus of 25 points added to each of their scores.

In addition, everyone that has at least one new member join the chapter will receive an numbered and collectible Anniversary Seal. These seals will be awarded as soon as the first member you qualify, Joins the chapter. In other words, if W5AAA qualifies one person, N6BBB and he joins tomorrow, W5AAA will receive his Anniversary seal tomorrow. If W5BBB qualifies his first person, N6CCC and he joins 2 weeks from now W5BBB will receive his Anniversary seal in two weeks. Even the new members that join will receive a numbered Anniversary Seal, in addition to their normal starting points, they will also receive an extra 5 points for joining during the drive. Be sure that you mention this bonus when you canvas for members!

Keep in mind, that there are currently in excess of 1600 Cypress Chapter members out there that are NOT Cities members. They are already qualified to receive a Cities number, all they have to do is ask for one! Even these members will count toward your new member count. What could be easier than to have them just request a Cities number? Just make sure that they mention that YOU got them to join for it to count!
When :
This special is scheduled to start beginning July 01,2002 at 0001UTC running through September 30,2002 ending at 2359 UTC.
  • All new members must request membership before October 7th, 2002 in order to count toward all totals and awards.
  • Only the first person listed on an application will receive the credit and points for the new member.
  • In case of tie, first person to qualify the tying member will receive the award points.
  • Special only applies to existing Cities members. New members that join during this time are ineligible for bonus points beyond what is described above.

  • Good Luck to All!
    WA2YZM - Cypress Chapter CM

    Hidden Station List
    K3TUJ Bill June 2002
    WD4GEO George May 2002
    ZL3KR Alan April 2002
    KB9NZX Bob March 2002
    DJ2VZ Bert February 2002
    NC6V Dick January 2002
    N5FJ John December 2001
    VE9KM Rob November 2001
    N4JED David October 2001
    WB7NUU Bobbie September 2001
    W9ROG Roger August 2001
    KA1PFQ Charlie July 2001
    WB4FBS Cliff June 2001

    If you worked any of these stations anytime in the month that they
    were the special, you can add 10 points to your next Cities upgrade!

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