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Callsign Name
WA2YZM Bob www.qsl.net/wa2yzm Welcome to WA2YZM's Home Page
K4TSY Dex pages.prodigy.net/dex_f/poke.htm Cool links, Pictures and other neet stuff
W4RNL L.B. www.cebik.com Welcome to L.B.s Home Page
KK3Q Floyd www.larckservices.com/kk3q Welcome to Floyd and Debbies Home Page
UN7FK Willy www.qsl.net/un7fk Willy Martemyanovs' Home Page
UN7FZ Harry www.qsl.net/un7fz Harry Martemyanovs' Home Page
K0DBK Brad www.qsl.net/k0dbk Brad Kimbles' Home Page
KA4RVZ Donald users.quadra.net/ka4rvz Oceans of the World Home Page
WB2RCB Ron www.qsl.net/wb2rcb/index.html Very nicely done website!
NJ2DX Tom home.adelphia.net/~nj2dx/ Tom Kennys' Home Page
NC6V Dick http://members.home.net/nc6v Dick Corlews' Home Page
ZL3KR Alan http://zl3kr.onthe.net.nz Alan Hughes' Home Page

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