Central Florida Cypress Chapter

Weekly 10 Meter Phone Net

The Central Florida Cypress Chapter holds weekly nets for the sole purpose of promoting activity and friendship among radio amateurs on the 10 Meter Amateur Band. The Central Florida Cypress Chapter is a chapter of 10-10 International Net Inc., however all licensed radio amateurs are welcomed and encouraged to check in and participate.

This net is held every Wednesday evening at exactly 20:00 EST on the nets primary frequency of 28.465 Mhz. Should by some chance the primary frequency be occupied, then the nets alternate frequency of 28.517 Mhz should be checked.

It's rare that this could happen, however if both the primary and alternate frequencies should be occupied, then simply look for the Net either plus(+) or minus( - ) the primary frequency in 5 Khz increments until the net can be located.

Net Control will call the net to order, followed by local member check in's. After local member check in's are acknowleged, net control will then open the net to amateurs residing outside of the Orlando, Florida area.

Please direct all questions or comments with S.A.S.E to:
Bob Bailey - WA2YZM
1365 Kettledrum Trail
Enterprise, Florida
[email protected]
or email directly to : [email protected]

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