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Chapter Certificates and Awards

Basic Certificate:

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In order to be eligible to receive the Cypress Chapter Certificate, you must first be a member of 10-10 international Net Inc. For more information on 10-10 International, follow the provided link. Then, you must have worked any five members of the Cypress Chapter or any one Local member of the chapter with the following exchange at a minimum:
10-10 Number, Operator Name, Operator QTH, and Cypress Chapter Number. No portion of this exchange may be relayed by another operator to be classified as a legal contact.

Send your list of members worked along with $1.00 US along with 2 First Class Postage Stamps and proof of paid 10-10 dues along with your application to the Certificate Manager if you wish to receive a printed certificate.
You may also request a certificate number only by email, by providing a list of your contacts and the expiration date printed on your 10-10 dues card.

Florida Cities Program:

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To be eligible for the Cypress Chapter "Florida Cities" Award, you must have first obtained the Basic Certificate shown above. All Cypress members are eligible to participate in this program. Visit our Florida Cities Award page for more details on this certificate, or contact the Certificate Manager for more information.

If you are currently a Cypress member:
Send your request including your Cypress Chapter number, Ten-Ten number, callsign and full address along with the certificate fee of $2.00 US + 2 FCS or $3.00 (All DX) to the Certiciate Manager. For numbers only, send your request by email or S.A.S.E.

If you are not currently a Cypress member:
For those amateurs wishing to participate in the program, you may apply for your basic Cypress number either online, by email or snail mail. See the information provided above for more information on how to obtain your basic Cypress Number.

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