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What is CEMARC?


CEMARC is ARRL Affiliated Council of Clubs representing the Ham Radio Community in Eastern Massachusetts.  All organized amateur radio groups in EMass are invited to assign one or more delegates to represent their club/group members at quarterly Council meetings. At these meetings, delegates are expected to work in concert with peer delegates toward highlighting, addressing and helping to solve club/member problems brought to the Council.  This Council acts only in an advisory capacity.  Any subject relating to improving the ham radio community may be brought to the Council.

Key responsibilities

  The Council meetings are chaired by the ARRL EMass Section Affiliated Club Coordinator, has three (3) elected Executive Board Members, and a Recording Secretary.  Each club assigns one or more delegates to represent all members of that club.

  The primary responsibility of each delegate is to first represent the views and opinions expressed by their club members to the Council.  There will be one voting delegate from each group for all voting matters, regardless of how many delegates from a club are present at a meeting.  Delegates will be asked to volunteer for assignment to a workgroup, or study committee, and are expected to vote for the good of the ham radio community in general, and not for their own clubs gain.


Current Positions:

Blake Haskell  K1BTH                Chair - EMass Section ACC


Alfred Prudhomme -W1DUW    Secretary   (North Shore Radio Assoc)


Frank Murphy     N1DHW           Exec. Committee   ( Boston ARC)

Dick Doherty -     KA1TUZ          Exec. Committee  (Newton Radio Group)

Kevin Paetzold –K1KWP           Exec. Committee (MinuteMan Rptr.Assoc.)




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Contact Information

  [email protected]

Blake Haskel – K1BTH  – EMass ACC

  [email protected]

Mike Neilsen –W1MPN -  EMass Section Mgr.




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Current Projects

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CEMARC History

v    Original memo sent to all clubs.


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Club Member Interests


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SEC ARES Presentation to BARC (2003)


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