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(cw) QTC           (voice) "__________Message(s)     for: _____________"

  Number     Precedence       HX         STN of Origin         CHECK         PLACE of ORIGN         Time     Date  

  Phone No:                                                                                                                                 BT     (break)    
TEXT Five Words Per Line
 Wait 5 to 10 sec.  Then return to NET.          N - "No more" messages.
 Net may ask:  CLR? - did U complete message     B - "More" are U ready
        send:  C    - "yes"    (or "No")           for the next message?

 Precedence: EMERGENCY, [P]riority, [W]elfare, [R]outine
Handling instructions (optional):
HXA #: Collect landline delivery to # miles. HXB #: Cancel if not delivered within # hours. HXC: Report date & time of delivery to originating station. HXD: Report station RX from, station TX to, or date & time delivered to originating station. HXE: Get reply from addresse, send message back. HXF #: Hold delivery until # date. HXG: If toll or mail required cancel message, service originating station.

TEXT Five Words Per Line
   N - "No more" messages.   B - "More" are U ready for the next message?
   Net may ask:  CLR? (did U complete message) send:  C - yes   (or No)

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