Carroll County, Maryland     Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Leadership Hierarchy     (Last Update: )

N3SB Carroll County Emergency Coordinator

Steve Beckman, N3SB 410-876-1482 (H) Click here to send e-mail to N3SB   



Carroll County Assistant Emergency Coordinators


KE3FL Carroll County Assistant Emergency Coordinator

Phil Karras 301-831-5073 (H)    Click here to send e-mail to KE3FL   


The above list shows the first four (primary) leadership people for Carroll County ARES operations. If the person at the beginning of the list (N3JIA) is not able to be contacted then in order attempts to contact the next people on the list should occur. If none of the first four (primary) leaders are available, move to the AEC List and attempt to contact one of them.


It is unlikely that the whole list will all be unavailable at the same time. If this situation does develop (none of the ARES leadership or AEC92s are available) then Practiced ARES members that are available will initiate an ARES Net and provide support as needed for the situation.


For Carroll County ARES operations, the following Standard Operating Instructions apply:


  1. Any ARES member can initiate an ARES Net if the need exists. First priority is to contact one of the Primary Leaders from the list.

  3. Initiate a Resource Net while attempting to contact Leadership personnel. Pool your resources, this will speed the activation when the ARES Leaders arrive.

  5. Do Not begin Tactical Operations until ARES Leadership people have been contacted. If after attempting to contact each person on the list of leaders unsuccessfully, then a Tactical Net can be started. Attempts must continue to try and reach one of the ARES Leaders as soon as possible.

  7. Using their best judgement, ARES Members can evaluate a situation and initiate a net as required (take action). Be mindful that if leadership people are not available, Served Agency Contact resources will not be available. Verification of served a agency need for ARES may not have occurred. Be careful, ARES needs to be serving one of our clients.

  9. ARES clients as of 7-4-98;


    1. Carroll County Emergency Services, George Thomas or Buddy Redmon
    2. Carroll County General Hospital
    3. American Red Cross, Carroll County Office



  1. Practiced ARES Member


Will be defined as an active ARES member (current membership in ARES) that regularly participates in ARES Nets, Training Activities, and Support Events. These people are trained in net operations and have knowledge about the required Net Structure for Carroll County ARES Operations. In the absence of ARES Leaders, they have the best knowledge of the requirements of the Carroll County ARES Clients. In an emergency, the word of a practiced ARES member will carry the backing and endorsement of the Carroll County EC and until relieved, will be the word of the Carroll County EC.



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