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ex CA3-THK

now CE3-THK

David Fabry

As you can see my home page  is under construction.

I live in Santiago, Chile. I use to be CE3-THK but due to the changes in the law I had to switch to this new call sign CA3-THK, as many chilean amateurs. Today I have very good news, at least for me, I recovered my CE3-THK call sign so now I can operate all the ham bands with almost no restrictions ....that is GREAT !

I work for 3Com Corp in the chilean subsidiary 3Com Chile as Network Consultant so I have to deal with digital and analog communications.

For many years I use to listen to International radios such as BBC , Deutsche Welle, Radio French international, Radio Moscow and many, many others. Then I got a CB transceiver and started my contacts and made many friends in Chile and all over America (by America I mean northen, central and south America). Then a friend of mine, CA3-CKG, asked me to get a "serious" amateur licence so I started to study raw and ugly morse in order to get my first amateur license.

So here I'm linking the old and new worlds together....

Currently my shack is composed by Icom Transceivers (HF and VHF/UHF). Most of the time I do VHF/UHF with my friends CA3-CKG and CD-106 (I hope to help these folks to set-up their Home Pages soon !) using my IC-2710 but when I have enough time I do as much HF (40 meters) as I can because it is so exiting for me to answer a call without to know where that call came from. I love the background HF noise and the efforts you have to do to clarify the speech of the other person. HF, is the best amateur band by far ! . You can reach me in 147.830 MHz or 7095 MHz and during the working hours of  Chile Mar y Tierra Network in 21.315 Mhz from 00:00 to 01:00 UTC ( www.geocities.com/redchilemarytierra )

If you want to send me an email I can be reached at  [email protected]  and/or [email protected]

Please take a moment to view this link. Bad things could happen to our hobbie if we do not push our authorities in order to keep the radio amateur bands for non comercial use only


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