Two Bands Synchronized Interleaved QSOs

CT1BOH Contesting Secrets


This "Contesting Secrets" presentation explains how to obtain super high rate (6,7,8,9,10 QSOs per minute) in Radio Contests.


There are 49 slides in eight sections. The first three explain in detail what Two Bands Synchronized Interleaved QSOs mode is about and how it is done. The next three sections explain the origins of 2BSIQ and the road CT1BOH took into it. The last three sections provide valuable insights about this contesting mode compared to other and the key important factor to obtain super high rate QSOs


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You can listen to CT1BOH operating CR3OO in 2BSIQ.
Make sure to put your headphones in order to understand from which radio (Radio1 or Radio2) stations are coming from. Also Understand that CT1BOH never listens to his Transmission. He is always listening on the radio in RX, alternating from one band to the other.
This 2 minute section nets 17 QSOs at an instant rate of 510 QSOs per hour.