Black River Valley
Amateur Radio Club

Lewis County, New York

"The President can make you a general,
but only communications can make you a commander."
General Curtis LeMay

     Dan Hirschey N2OYQ

Lewis County ARES EC:
open - please contact NNY SEC Peter Newell KC2WI if interested

Lewis County RACES RO:


Lewis County SKYWARN Coordinator:

Dan Hirschey N2OYQ


  Vice President
  Treasurer & Webmaster:
      Pete Newell KC2WI
  Repeater Trustee 
     Dave Schultz AB2XN
Repeater: 146.955 (-) located east of Lowville. Callsign W2RHM. Echolink AB2XN
Local VHF Net:

Lewis County Roundtable. 8:00 every evening on the club repeater 146.955. All operators encouraged to check in.  Echolink (AB2XN) checkins welcome. This is an informal net. If no one picks up net control -- you do it! Net preamble and format available here.. If the repeater is down, try 146.955 simplex.

Area VHF Net:

Black River Valley Service Net. 9:00 every evening on the Boonville Club repeater 146.655 if anyone picks up NCS duties

Regional HF Nets: North Country Group - 8:00 AM Sunday mornings. 3.958
  Carrier Net - 9 AM weekdays & Saturdays 3.935
  Top Band SSB Net - 8:30 PM Wednesdays 1.941
  New York State Phone Traffic & Emergency Net - 6:00 PM every day on 3.925
Meetings: Special Meeting Saturday October 19, 2022
1-5 PM at the Lewis County Fairgrounds
Ham Radio Open House, operating event (NYQP), and club meeting.
Open to the public. All are welcome!
Come find out more about ham radio.
No regular meeting schedule at this time.
Please contact N2OYQ or KC2WI for further information.

Events (2022):

Friday August 19 Communications for Woodsmens 10K Run. Boonville ARC
Please contact Dan N2OYQ in if you can help.
Saturday October 15 Ham Radio Open House and club meeting at the Lewis County Fairgrounds, 1-5PM. Open to the public. Come find out more about Amateur Radio. Please contact AB2QG, N2OYQ, or KC2WI to help with this event or express interest in attending.
Friday December TBD Boonville Amateur Radio Club & Black River Valley ARC Holiday Dinner.
Please contact Dan N2OYQ for info.
Amateur Radio is a great hobby. It is fun and educational. Perhaps more importantly,
it provides a means of communications in emergencies when other systems are
inoperative or overloaded. For fun, and for your safety and the safety of your family,
friends, and community, consider getting your Amateur Radio license this year.
Please contact any club member if you are interested. We are here to help.

Why You Should Learn to Love Ham Radio (Popular Mechanics March 2015)

Ever ready: Local ham radio operators provide vital link (Mountain News Ashville NC June 2015)

Repeater Etiquette: Manners everyone should have when using a Repeater
    (from the Stu Rockafellow Amateur Radio Society in Plymouth, Michigan.)

 Constitution and By-laws    Join the Club/ Renew membership

ARRL Northern New York Section       Northern New York Amateur Radio Association

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    Thousand Islands Repeater Club  Jefferson County OVARC (St. Lawrence County)  Kingston Ontario  

National Association For Amateur Radio (American Radio Relay League)

  Why does Amateur Radio Exist? (Basis and Purpose according to FCC)

Links to more ham radio information.

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