The Burning River Traffic Net

We meet every Monday & Saturday at 9:30 PM on this repeater, KC8BED, and every Wednesday at 9:30 PM on the N.O.A.R.S. repeater, K8KRG. The remaining days of the week this Net is called up to pass traffic or to conduct training on an as needed basis. The purpose of this net is to handle formal written traffic to and from the greater Cleveland area and all of North Central Ohio, also to provide training in traffic handling procedures. We welcome all radio amateurs regardless of your level of traffic handling experience. Your net control this evening is;

Monday - Dave, -W8DJG
Tuesday - As needed
Wednesday - Fred, -N8AHS on 146.700 MHz, K8KRG /R
Thursday - As needed
Friday - As needed
Saturday - Net Control Station needed
Sunday - As needed

* 1st choice; KC8BED /R - 147.150 MHz Plus offset. PL 110.9 for remote receive
* 2nd choice; W8HF /R - 145.230 MHz  Minus offset. PL 110.9
* 3rd choice and every Wednesday; K8KRG /R - 146.700 MHz  Minus offset. PL 110.9
* 4th choice; 146.490 MHz  Simplex

The Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN) was started in the mid to late 70's by Will Wilson, -WA8HED (SK) and others. Records indicate that Will was the Net Manager from 1979 until 1997. In 1997 both Will and Ron West, -N8OD, formerly N8RBE shared the Net Manager role. In December of 1997 Lew Parsons, -N8IXF (SK) took over the Net Manager position until only his health no longer allowed him to so in November of 2012. A that time, he appointed Dave, -W8DJG to be Net Manager. Dave served as Net Manager until January 2018, at which point Keith, -KD8GXL took over as Net Manager.

The BRTN is over forty years old and still going strong.

Check in and help keep the tradition alive.

[If you were a net control station or have more information concerning the history of the BRTN please email us.]

Net Manager; Keith, -KD8GXL
Assisstant Net Manager; Tim, -NC8OS
Net Training Officer; Dave, -W8DJG

contact us at "thebrtn (at) gmail dot com"
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