New Version




[2012/01/19]:  New version boards arrived.  New version developed which is constituted with 5 pcb boards.


Main features of new version:

1)   With 10M build-in ref connected to ADF4350, 500Hz step is realized in 2200-4480M range and 250Hz step in 1100-2200M, etc.

2)   If external ref is connect to ADF4350 (must be integer freq and <64M, e.g., 50M, 21M), the ref freq can be set by using keypad.

3)   Test result shows that out-level of LO AMP & Isolation is about [email protected]-2G and >[email protected]5G with a 0dBm input. It is sufficient for many available mixers.

4)   Mixer board is generic one. Most of mini-circuits mixer can be mounted on. For SA below 2G, RMS-42 can be used. For SA above 2G, you need to find other mixers.


5) Compared with old version, DDS, 10M OCXO, HMC346, and AMP & Det boards are removed, both for simplicity and low costs.















An ams1117-3.3 is added on the control board. The pic18f452 works with 3.3v and LCD1602 work with 5v.


sch sheet





Mixer pcb, AMP pcb and MO pcb are the same with that in scotty’s SA project.


The AMP board uses an ERA-3SM and an ATF35176 which can work to 18GHz.  It is sufficient for most SAs.




A 10.000MHz crystal oscillator is installed on the MO board which provides reference to both “tracking generator” and “SA”.

Mixer board is a general one, where most mixers of mini-circuits can be mounted on, e.g., RMS-42, ADE-11x etc.


The HEX file of the PIC controller can be downloaded here .