My New Revised Version




[2011/05/28]: A lot of revised PCB boards have arrived. Some modifications have been made on these boards.

All PCB boards can be fitted in my selected enclosure.

 Update on  test on slim_plo1 .

                       Update on  slim_plo2_test  and a rough test with all modules connected.

 slim_if_33 module is completed.

                       slim_mcf_5 module.

Tracing generator is added and tested ok. sa_tg

                       PDM and MIX4 is completed. PDM and MIX4

 VNA mode began to work. VNA work


 All modules are put in enclosures.  final_prepare


 slim_CB_NV V2.1 reached my hand. Some solder masks added in this revision for easy connections.



Some coarse calibrations are performed.  CAL

 A directional coupler pcb board has been designed and sent to a pwb house. mini-circuits ADC20-4


Sam. W type’s slim_cal has been designed and sent to a PWB house. slim_cal

For detail, please refer to Sam’s website (1MHz_CalSrc.pdf).



Some new stuff arrived.  new stuff


[2011/10/08]: Some test on filters. test on filters

Test on attenuator and AMP_AGC boards. Attenuator

[2012/01/03]: Test on adc-20-4. adc_20_4_test

Mcf_5 module completed with low Q crystal oscillators. mcf





About sch sheets: All the sch-sheets are the same with that of scotty’s. If there has any difference, it means that I have made a mistake.

All the errors will be pointed out in this webpage. 

Compared with the ‘slims’, only the size of the boards have been changed which can be fitted into my selected enclosures.

So, please refer to scotty’s website for detailed sch descriptions.


About enclosures: The width of the boards is just the same as the internal width of the enclosures (48.5mm).

So, the boards need some trims (about 0.2mm -> 48.3mm). It is easy to trim a 0.8mm thick FR4 board.



1. PCB boards



















2. Enclosures.

















The output of J2 of slim_DDS107 is about -8dBm.


Slim_mix2 module is under test. The isolation of RF and LO can be identified in this test. 64MHz and 10.7MHz signals are used in this test.






The slim_plo1 has been completed. I only have ROS-2150V-1 available at hand the output of which is only -2dBm.

So, -14dB pad is not used. I installed 3 100R Resistors which provide about -9dB attenuation.




The slim_plo2 is also completed and under test. I only have V583ME01 at hand.

A minor modification is needed for the loop filter section.  And I drill a hole at the pad of R2.




The MSA modules are under test.