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This page is the presentation of my version of Scotty’s spectrum analyzer. Scotty’s website: http://www.scottyspectrumanalyzer.com/msaslim.html

The full test of these boards will be performed in the following days. Whenever there have some results I will update this webpage.


Test update [2011/05/18]: slim_CB_NV testing: slim_cb_nv.

Test update [2011/05/24]: slim_adc16 and slim_logdet module: slim_adc16 and slim_logdet .

Test update [2011/05/26]: slim_MO64 and slim_dds107 completed and test ok mo64_and_dds107 .


Update [2011/05/28]: revised PCB boards V2.0 .




Block Diagram of Scotty’s SLIM MSA/TG/VNA


My version:

Two additional boards are added, i.e., attenuator board and AMP & ALC board. There are totally 18 PCB boards are used, and most of the boards are designed specialized for an aluminum enclosure (look it at the end of this page). (PDM, MO64, amp&alc, and attenuator are earlier designed boards, and can not fit in this enclosure directly. However, some trims will make it easy to fit in). New dds107 module has designed and manufactured instead of that in the following picture.


Fig. 1 all of the slim PCB boards.



1)    The mix1 PCB board

2) The mix2 PCB board


3) The PLO1,2,3 PCB board


4) The DDS1 PCB board:

5) The slim_IF_33 PCB board

6) The slim_MCF_5 PCB board

7) The slim_AD8306 PCB board

  The pad of T1 is bigger than Scotty’s, because I consider using other type of rf transformers.


8) The slim_ADC16 PCB board


9) The MO64 PCB board

A 1ppm 64.000MHz TCXO is used on my board.


10) The slim_control PCB board


11) The attenuator PCB board which is a s53mv type (refer to: http://lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/spectana/tg.html).


12) The AMP & ALC PCB board ( also a s53mv type http://lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/spectana/tg.html).



13) The slim_PDM PCB board



Aluminum enclosure:

  The internal width of the enclosure is 48.5mm, and the standard length is 100mm. So, most of my large boards are redesigned to this size ( control boards don’t need enclosure).