Welcome to BG6KHC’s website!

bg6khc at qsl.net


I have spent many of my spare time on RF projects. Some of them are design and build by myself, while some of them are constructed based on resources available on the internet which make me impressive. Such as Scotty’ spectrum analyzer project, s53mv’s SA project, Paul’s N2PK VNA project, HPSDR project, and coffee can radar project, etc.


[2010/05/01]: Modules that I have designed based on the s53mv’s spectrum analyzer project.


[2011/04/01] : My version of scotty’s spectrum analyzer: Spectrum Analyzer , Version V2.0 .

Scotty’s website: http://www.scottyspectrumanalyzer.com/msaslim.html


[2011/05/06 update] VCO Control Board : VCO_Control_Board.

Antenna Analyzer 70MHz: Antenna Analyzer.


[2011/10/09]: Tracking generator for HP8596E (or AV4032B) spectrum analyzer. TG for HP8596E


[2011/11/12]: A generic tracking generator project. TG_Generic


[2011/12/10]: A 4.4G VNA project. VNA_4G (This project has been suspended)


[2013/08/06]: Coffee can Radar project.


[2014/01/06]: I have spent quit a lot of time on SDR, and managed to make my version of HPSDR work.


[2014/01/07]: I have designed a SDR transmitter , which can work as a companion with RTL_SDR.


[2014/08/13]: A wideband VCO is designed and tested which is suitable for the Scotty’s SA project.


[2017/02/01]: Build professional rf bridges.