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Hi guys, thanks for visit my homepage. My name is Tiewei Liang, you can call me Terry. Here will introduce myself to you and show some Chinese amateur radio information to you.

I am 25 years old, live in Foshan city, Foshan city is a small and nearby Guangzhou city in Canton province, south of China, grid locator is OL63NA. I got my first radio operate license 5 years ago, at that time, I study at university in Guilin city and member of BY7WGL. I graduated on July 1996 then back to Foshan city, now I work at a computer tech co.. My first home call is BG7NQ, and start BD7NQ since Feb 1999.

I like DX, and I am the operator of AS-131 DXexpedition, BG7NQ/7, AS139 DXexpedition BI7W, B7K CQ WW contest. If you need the BD callsign, I am very happy to make a sked QSO with you from Friday 2300z to Sunday 1100z, don't hesitate, email to me. Now I use a FT-757GXII transceiver on HF band, I have another dotey transceiver, it is FT-101E, if you interested, I am very happy to work you use FT-101E, don't titter, it still work at a good state. I have a hlaf wave vertical running on 30m to 10m, a DP on 40m. My QSL manager is W2AY Bill, the following is Bill's mailing address:


Now I will tell you some callsign particular about Chinese amateur radio station. In China, the BY perfix is club station, and the home call has four classes license, the top license is BA, the sencond license is BD, the third license is BG, the fourth license is SWL, the prefix is BG also but all suffix is number. The special callsign is BT for the common special cirsus, the BI for the IOTA DX expedition, such as the BI7W AS-139, and sometimes you can hear a 1x1 callsign, such as the B1A, B4Z, B7K for the 1998 CQWW contest. You can get the province informaion in our callsign.

Suffix Province Suffix Province Suffix Province
1AA-1XZZ Bei Jing 5AA-5XZZ Zhe Jiang 8AA-8FZZ Si Chuan
2AA-2HZZ Hei Long Jiang 5IA-5PZZ Jiang Xi 8GA-8LZZ Chong Qing
2IA-2PZZ Ji Lin 5QA-5XZZ Fu Jian 8MA-8RZZ Gui Zhou
2QA-2XZZ Liao Ning 6AA-6HZZ An Hui 8SA-8XZZ Yun Nan
3AA-3FZZ Tian Jin 6IA-6PZZ He Nan 9AA-9FZZ Shan Xi
3GA-3LZZ Nei Meng 6QA-6XAA Hu Bei 9GA-9LZZ Gan Su
3MA-3RZZ Hei Bei 7AA-7HZZ Hu Nan 9MA-9RZZ Ning Xia
3SA-3XZZ Shan Xi 7IA-7PZZ Guang Dong 9SA-9XZZ Qing Hai
4AA-4HZZ Shang Hai 7QA-7XZZ Guang Xi 0AA-0FZZ Xin Jiang
4IA-4PZZ Shan Dong 7YA-7YZZ Hai Nan(AS-129) 0GA-0LZZ Xi Zang
4QA-4XZZ Jiang Su BV0A-BV9ZZZ Tai Wan

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