Weekly Tech Articles

The weekly tech articles are read on-air during the ARES/RACES net, and are meant
to be thought provoking, and in no way fully comprehensive on any one topic.
It's up to you to dig in and learn more about anything you find interesting,
but please do not hesitate to contact the author about any particular topic.
We're here to help you!

Title Date Author
Building Your J-Pole Properly 1/6/2011 N1JOY
More Than Voice On the Repeater 1/13/2011 N1JOY
Ready For An Extended Emergency? 1/20/2011 N1JOY
Thinking About Go-Kits 1/27/2011 N1JOY
Getting Started With APRS 2/10/2011 W2DAN
Operating In An EOC 2/17/2011 N1JOY
Solar Panels 2/24/2011 N1JOY
Ham Radio Clubs 3/03/2011 WA1QYM
Smart Battery Chargers 3/17/2011 W6UCM & N1JOY
GPS In Emergencies 3/24/2011 N1JOY

If you have an article you would like to submit for the weekly net, please e-mail it to:  n1joy @ arrl.net