This section will describe projects being done by local HAMs.  If you are working on anything fun and exciting  please contact us by email.  Please include screen shots or pictures if possible, along with a detailed description of the work you are doing.  We will be happy to upload your work and credit you here.

KC3APN - Dan from Berwick PA:

I made a receiver hitch mount that is compatible with the military push up tower hardware.  My Ford Escape has a 1 1/4 inch receiver, so I went to the local auto parts store and bought a hitch for about $20 bucks.  Then I went to the hardware store and got a 3/4 inch bolt, washers, lock washers and a nut.  I also got a 8 inch section of threaded 1 1/2 inch ID pipe, and a threaded cap.  Once assembled you have an instant mobile mount that works with the tower hardware from  This will be just great for running around testing the MESH Networking and for other fun activities like field day.  Click on the last picture with the car for a bigger view.

one standard receiver hitch

3/4 inch bolt, nut
and lock washers

1 1/2 inch ID threaded black pipe

3/4 inch washers
(only need two)

Threaded pipe cap
drilled with 3/4 inch hole in center

I clamped the nut head in a vice then laid the parts on in order from
the bottom up.  With the bolt still clamped in the vice I took my
half inch breaker bar and 3/4 inch socket and cranked till it
was rock solid.  This baby isn't going anywhere!      -------->

Lock washer and nut
inside the cap

Screw the pipe onto the cap and tighten
Insert the hitch into the
receiver and pin it.

Insert a pushup pole into
the top of the pipe.  I plan on
drilling a hole thru the pipe so
you can pin the pole to the
base for extra safety.

I am making struts that will
attach to the roof rack for even
more stability.  I will use the
standard guy ring and some
small angle iron, turnbuckles
and clamps.

Don't drive with more than
one pole inserted into the
hitch unless you pin the poles
together and add struts.

Watch out for wires and trees!
Mobile MESH goodness!
NOT drive-thru friendly!

click for a larger view

K3BS - Bob from Drums PA:

Bob has been working on a homebrew antenna project he found on the net.  Here is a link to the article and Bob's description of what he did.

original article -

From Bob - K3BS

"I used a 3/8 in dowel as a form to wind the coil on.   Measurements ,  61 mm = 2.4 in,  91.5 mm = 3.6 in, and 83 mm = 3.26 in.  The 6 db. antenna is about 13 inches of 14 gauge bare copper wire.  The 8 db. is about 25 inches of 14 gauge bare copper wire.  I epoxied the n connector to a PVC 3/4 inch splice.  You can also use a cap for pvc.  On the other end of the antenna I just cemented the cap on .."

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Many thanks to Bob for sharing his work!

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