Borneo Amateur Radio Club was found in 1990 and registered 3 years later. The main objective is to provide more rooms and unlimited Ham radio activities in Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and parts of Indonesia (Kalimantan) and Southern Philippines where VHF and UHF transmission can be heard via Repeaters on top of Mt. Kinabalu (13,000 feet above sea level). With common HAM interest around BORNEO, the Club has gained it support across the boarders with the popular sayings: "Talk to the World" "So Far Yet So Near, So Rich Yet So Poor".

Since the formation, the club has put some effort to educate, by having cw classes, ham talks, public awareness and field days that add values and colors to the hobby.

Year 2000

As the new millenium begins, the Club has to amend some of its rules and regulation and strategy. To be more dynamic to serve it's valued members. New ideas with professional approach in the management of the Club has been identified in making BARC as "World Class Ham Club"


New QTH has been found by the Club -Feb 2001. Freq QSY to 147.750 - 600 Split - Lowest Tone to avoid unintention NON HAM QRM. FULL Remote - Thanks to The Labuan Radio Amateur Group - Headed by 9M6TK.


Negotiation with the relavent Authorities is going on. As we all knew our President and his BOD will never giveup on good matters for the benifit of MANKIND and World Heritage !. Interested to JOIN US as COREMEMBERS ? At Click of Your Mail


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