Millenium outlook 9M6 RLM Repeater. On 29th, January 2000. She can be Remotely Controlled .

The Old 9M6 RLM, This Homebrew repeater was officially started in operation since 10th May 1993


29th, January 2000. Before shutting down, one good shot for the faith full Young Lady (6.5 yrs = 2380 days). 9M6 ST (red) with 9M6 TK (blue) .

In progress to de-assembled 9M6 RLM, watched sadly by 9M6 CB (yellow cap), who came all the way from Labuan.

Operated on CSQ and Tone 67.0, Motorola, Model GR300, Controller RMT, two antenna system. Max. Power 25 watts

Two ICOM 02AT . COR homebrewed by 9M6 JC. Five cavities (5) recovered from junk shop, powered with15 watts linear.


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