Ham Radio License Class by Scott N7JI

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KB6NU’s No-Nonsense Study Guides

No-Nonsense Ham Radio Technician License Study Guide (2022-2026 version)

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strongly recommend taking practice exams.

It will make queries more germane, and increase your probability of success.

·        Free website: www.hamstudy.org

·        Ham Radio Exam - Tech by Roy Watson

Free Android App and iPhone App:

- I'm a big fan of the app because you can quiz section by section



·        hamstudy.org/sessions/inperson

·        www.arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session



·         hamstudy.org/sessions/remote



Scott N7JI Rosenfeld YouTube Channel


Exciting Facts About Class

You alone are ultimately responsible for your success or failure in this endeavor

As a teacher, I can help you to understand difficult concepts.

·         If you crush your exam, I am only slightly to blame.

·         If you bomb your exam, I am only slightly to blame.

·         Ultimately, you cannot learn this material without individual study and practice.

·         I want you to understand the "why" rather than just the fact that something is true.

·         I am a huge fan of ham radio for many reasons that will become obvious during class.

·         If you succeed, I succeed.


Zoom Meeting Information

Zoom meeting ID: 819 8425 9211

Passcode: 863036



I am sure that some of you will have to cancel last minute, oversleep, or have family emergencies. 
Do not worry, it happens. I am used to it. The fact is that you have an interest, and I like teaching, and you will get there eventually.  I am not offended if you do not show up, although I might wonder what happened. If you will miss a class, I plan to record each day and will make each recording available after the session ends.


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