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WRTC 2014 实时计分系统设置

N1MM Logger Networking Requirements for WRTC 2014 Live Scoreboard


The WRTC 2014 Live Scoreboard will be the first fully automated near--‐real--‐time scoreboard in the history of WRTC. Each station will be equipped with a small “Score Collection Computer” that will detect score data being shared between your PCs and upload the data to the Live Scoreboard server.

WRTC 2014 will be providing each team an Ethernet switch and a linear power supply, both of which have been tested for RFI/EMI. Your referee will transport and set up the Score Collection Computer and Ethernet Switch upon arrival at your designated operating site. Each setup will be fully tested well in advance of the event.

You will provide:

• Two (2) straight Ethernet cables for connecting your PCs to the switch

• A crossover Ethernet cable to use as a fallback (to bypass the switch in the unlikely event you have any issues)

• Your own Ethernet switch with a minimum of 3 ports as an emergency backup (optional)

Keep in mind --‐ an Ethernet switch is not a router. No extra networking configuration is required when using a switch instead of a crossover cable. For the purposes of WRTC 2014, think of the network switch as a crossover cable “T” connector, allowing a third computer to be networked. The third computer will be your assigned “Score Collection Computer” and it is a completely passive device in this setup.

You will not need to install any additional software on your computer --‐ but you will need to follow some simple computer and logging program setup instructions.

Setting up your Computer Network Connections

When you set up your local area network, use the following IP addresses on your computers:



Set up N1MM Logger on each of your logging computers following N1MM Logger documentation instructions. When you finish setting up your Networked Computer Names in N1MM Logger, you should have these IP addresses specified for each PC:

Additional Steps for Broadcasting Score Data

In order for N1MM to broadcast score data across your network properly, some minor modifications to the N1MM Logger.ini file on both PCs are required.

Note: Only use a text editor, such as Notepad, to modify the INI file. Do not use a word processor program, such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad. Using any editor other than a straight text editor could corrupt your INI file.

On the Master Computer:

  1. Open the N1MM Logger.ini file. It is located in the N1MM installation folder (typically, c:\N1MM Logger or c:\Program Files\N1MM Logger).

  2. Look for the [ExternalBroadcast] section. If it does not exist, add it. Enter the following settings:
    It is best if you can copy--‐and--‐paste these settings directly from this document. This will insure that no typos are made. If you must type these settings by hand, review each setting very carefully for typos.
    You must delete all other settings under the [ExternalBroadcast] section. Only BroadcastScoreAddr and IsBroadcastScore should be specified.

  3. Save the INI file on the master computer.

On the “Slave” Computer:

  1. Open the “Slave” computer’s N1MM Logger.ini file. If the [ExternalBroadcast] section exists, delete it.

  2. Save the INI file on the slave computer.

If N1MM Logger was open during INI modification on either computer, close and re--‐open the application.

Note: When you open N1MM Logger, the Realtime Score Reporting window shown below will open automatically. You can stop the timer by clicking the Stop Send button and you may close the window if you wish. This will have no effect on the WRTC Live Scoreboard broadcast.

BA4ALC/BA5CW 2014-09-30