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2007年4月,地球上最稀有DX实体的远征 BS7H


  • 新闻


2007黄岩岛(Scarborough Reef )DX远征公告(N4XP发布 BG4CZX译)

为了得到在这个全球需求度最高的DXCC上岛操作的许可,经过三年的努力,我们终于收到了那份期盼已久的官方批复文件。一支由W6RGG带领的多国DX远征队将于2007年4月下旬在黄岩岛On Air,操作时间预计持续10天。陈平(BA1HAM)先生和白健诚(BV4FH)先生对此次远征的得以成行给予了大力帮助,另外还要感谢N4XP, N1DG, K5YY以及N6MZ提供的协助。




  • 地理位置

    北纬: 15° 07'  东经: 117° 45'

    Scarborough Reef Map

  • 简介

ARLD063 DX 新闻 W1AW

ARRL会员服务委员会(MSC)收到了DX咨询委员会 (DXAC) 和奖状委员会递交的文件:以5:2投票通过把黄岩岛增加到ARRL DXCC 实体列表。

DXAC 和奖状委员会 and the Awards Committee had come to opposite conclusions regarding the eligibility of Scarborough Reef for separate DXCC status. Under new procedures adopted by the ARRL Board in July,1995, when these committees do not agree the question is referred to
the MSC for review and recommendation to the full Board.

The recommendation that Scarborough Reef be added to the DXCC Listwill be considered by the ARRL Board of Directors at its January meeting.

With this announcement and the January BOD approval, today's most challenging DX location was added to the DXCC list. Only 3 expeditions have taken place and many DXers crave only 1 counter to have worked them all. THIS IS THAT ENTITY.

Permission to go to Scarborough is required from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs which then passes the permission to the State Sports Federation/CSRA which assembles the team to travel to Scarborough Reef. Our team in 2007 will include 5 members of the CSRA led by Chen Peng a veteran of 2 past DXpeditions to BS7 and the Secretary General of the CSRA.

Below is a map of the Reef showing the rocks on the bottom that are suitable for radio operations.


  • 大圆图

Great Circle Chart

  • 工作频率

    波段 SSB CW RTTY
    10 28475 28024 28080
    12 24945 24894 -
    15 21295 21024 21080
    17 18145 18074 -
    20 14185 14024 14080
    30 - 10104 -
    30 - 10124 -
    40 7057 7004 -
    80 3799 3504 -
    160 - 1826.5 -
  • 队员

China flag



BA1HAM, Chen Peng
BA1RB, Fan Bin
BA4RF, David Chen
BA1RC, Chen Fang
BA7NQ, Terry Liang

United States flag


W6RGG, Bob Vallio
ND2T,Tom Berson
AA4NN, Joe Blackwell
K4UJ,Paul Pescitelli
N5KO,Trey Garlough
K5YY,San Hutson
N6MZ,Mike Mraz
N7NG, Wayne Mills

Singapore flag


9V1YC, James Brooks
Italy flag


I8NHJ, Max Mucci
Germany flag


DL3MBG, Christian Entsfellner

Philippines flag


DU1EV, Eddie Valdez


BV4FH, Paul Pai
N4XP, ,Tom Harrell
N1DG,, Don Greenbaum
W6XA,, Paul Hansen
BV4DP, Johnson Wong.
BM4HSG, Christine Chiang (XYL of BV4FH )
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