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Welcome to BA1FB Personal Home Page! My name is Jerry Meng, I am a Radio Engineer, still enjoy amateur radio in my spare time, yes I am crazy. Here I would like to share my designs of Ham radio equipment and the experience with others. Hope you like it.

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10M Balloon Beacon

This is an AVR based project of 10M CW balloon beacon, the beacon can send information besides ID in CW, like battery voltage, temperature. Here is the schematic in GIF format or PDF format, and this is a really simple source file for AT90S2313 to send ID in CW, can be easily modified to fit AT90S1200. The Frequency is about 29.491MHz, output about 0.5 watt. I am still working on this project, so stay tune!

ATMEL AVR MCU ISP programmer

BA1FB ATMEL AVR AT90Sxxxx PC based programmer 1.30 FBPRG.ZIP NEW! BA1FB ATMEL AVR AT90Sxxxx PC based programmer 1.60 Support RC enable for AT90S2323/2343 FBPRG16.EXE BA1FB ATMEL AVR AT90Sxxxx programmer 1.60 readme file README.TXT BA1FB ATMEL AVR AT90Sxxxx programmer Schematic in details (30K PDF) or (27K GIF)

A Simplified AVR ISP programmer

This is the simplified Diagram of the original AVR ISP (STK200/300) parallel port interface. It is very simple and low cost. The software can be download from ATMEL or PonyProg, I personally strongly suggest you use the software of PonyProg, because it almost support all of AVR MCU including the brand new ATMEGA8, ATMEGA16, etc. :)
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