Family and Community Emergency Communications Plan

Could you call for help (or even just let family know that you were OK) in an emergency without relying on telephones, cell phones, or Internet? Cell phones don't work everywhere, and both cell and wired phone systems may not work in even a minor disaster or emergency situation. Be prepared to help yourself, your family, and your community.

The most powerful radio communications service available to private citizens is Amateur Radio. Getting a license is not overly difficult and equipment doesn't have to be expensive. However we realize Amateur Radio is not for everyone, and even if you are interested it takes some time to get licensed.

There is a simple and inexpensive way you can get started to help yourself, your family, and your community to be prepared for emergency situations when telephone, cell phone, and Internet communications may not work.

A family and community emergency communications plan can be implemented using simple low cost FRS 2-way radios that do not require a license. This will only work if enough citizens become involved.

The web page Family/Neighborhood Emergency Communications outlines a generic plan that can implemented.

Elements of a Disaster Preparedness Supplemental Communications Plan offers a lot of food for thought.

This is something we should do. It will not be expensive or complicated. It only requires some organization and participation by enough people.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact the Lewis County Emergency Coordinators Group or the Lewis County Office of Emergency Management.