Homebrew 40 & 80 meter dipole

Our Club recently had an ARES training/NVIS antenna testing day. After testing over ten different antenna configurations we decided on a couple that worked well for our needs. Notable, a commercial 40-80 dual band dipole. Now the problem. This antenna is very stiff and not quickly or easily deployed. It is built to be put up and left up.

I decided to roll my own as they say. I didn’t want to use traps. Instead, was looking toward loading coils. I came across a design by IK1ZOY that was put on the web by I2CN.

Bob, WD8PVB, has a link on the Ashtabula County Ares web page(scroll down to misc. antennas) that has the full specs. and a video on the build so will only direct you to it .I didn’t have or use the exact wire size or type. I used what was in the “Junk Box”. Thus my specs. are slightly different than the article. Simple adjustments of both “coil” and antenna wire lengths were done to achieve the desired SWR in the part of band to be used.

My overall length was app. 85.5 feet.

At app. 20 ft at apex and 8 ft at ends my SWR was as follows.

75 meters--- 3.910 2.0-1

3.875 1.1-1

3,835 2.0-1

40 meters--- 7.300 2.2-1

7.160 1.1-1

7.000 2.2-1

Use of A.T.U. will bring swr into line as needed.

I have added some pics. of the finished antenna .Not as pretty as the commercial version but, it works, easy to deploy and Zero dollars spent!

Thanks for looking.

73 Mark WG8Y