Dave Newell

Rev. and Mrs. David E. Newell

In 1959, Dave enrolled in the Missions Program at Philadelphia College of Bible, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He became involved in the Radio Club which operated K3CBM, the home station of the Amateur Radio Missionary Service (ARMS).  In 1962, he passed the FCC test, was issued Amateur Radio Operator License WN4DUP, later upgraded to WA4DUP, and operated the K3CBM station.  He received a B.S. degree in Bible in 1963.  He then enrolled in Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute and studied Radio Electronics for two years.

Anna Gay Chapman

In 1961, Anna Gay received her Diploma after graduating from Appalachian Bible Institute, now Appalachian Bible College, Bradley, West Virginia.  She then studied Nursing for two years at King’s Daughters Hospital, Ashland Kentucky.  In 1963, she enrolled in the Missions Program for one year at Philadelphia College of Bible as a special student.  Anna Gay had studied Music on the Accordion and was an accomplished musician.  On July 11, 1964, Dave and Anna Gay were married in her home church, Grace Gospel Church, Huntington, West Virginia.

Missionary Service

On February 10, 1966, Dave was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by his home church, Chelten Baptist Church, Dresher, Pennsylvania.  Dave and Anna Gay began their missionary service with Trans World Radio on May 30, 1966, on the island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.  Dave was issued call sign PJ9BG by the Antillean government.  Daughter Gaylene and son Philip were born on Bonaire in 1971 and 1973, respectively.

In 1974, Dave completed a correspondence course with Cleveland Institute of Electronics and received a Diploma in Broadcast Engineering.  On January 7, 1975, while on furlough, he passed the FCC exam and was issued the First-Class Commercial Radiotelephone Operator License by the Federal Communications Commission.

In 1975, Dave and Anna Gay were transferred to the island of Guam in the Western Pacific to help develop and construct the Trans World Radio studio and transmitter facilities.  Dave operated his ham station using call sign KG6JFW.  While living there, Dave and Anna Gay helped establish the Pacific Independent Bible Church, Agana, Guam.  Daughter Holly was born on Guam in 1979.

In 1984, Dave and Anna Gay were transferred to the Trans World Radio Headquarters in Chatham, New Jersey.  In 1987, they changed missions and moved to Madison, Georgia, to serve with Source of Light Ministries International (SLM).  In 2005, they were seconded to Neighborhood Gospel Missions (NGM), sold their house, and moved to Lexington, Georgia, to establish the NGM Home Office and begin the construction of the camp/conference center.

In 2011, Dave published his autobiography titled “My Journey Through the Myopic Zone,” and it is available for distribution.  In 2013, Dave and Anna Gay moved back to Madison.  In 2017, through God’s miracle they bought back the very same house where they lived from 1987 to 2004.  They both enjoy playing their mountain dulcimers.

On May 31, 2016, after 50 years of missionary service, Dave and Anna Gay transitioned into retirement mode, but they are continuing to assist in SLM and NGM ministries.  Dave is a member of the NGM Board of Directors.

Anna Gay has taught Good News Clubs for island and missionary kids.  She has used her music abilities with her accordion and vibraharp to provide instrumental accompaniments for TWR program productions on Bonaire, and she has participated in choir groups, singing in the English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages for the radio broadcasts.  Anna Gay introduced and coordinated the use of Source of Light Bible study correspondence courses for listener follow up to the TWR broadcasts from Guam.  In 2007, Anna Gay took a Spanish course at the University of Georgia to improve her speaking and writing abilities.  She enjoys reading, quilting, and birdwatching.

As an accomplished artist, Dave works with oils, India ink, and lecturers chalk.  He has drawn a series of cartoon strips titled “Life with Amos,” for The Bonaire Feedback (TWR, Bonaire, N.A.).  He has written many editorials and articles for The Reaper (SLM, Madison, Georgia).  Dave has a special interest in trains and depots, especially those of the former Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and he is a member of the L&N Historical Society.  He was named “Alumnus of the Year 2000” by Philadelphia Biblical University (formerly Philadelphia College of Bible and currently Cairn University).  Dave has an unusual collection of advertising thermometers.  He continues to be active in ham radio, using call sign WA4DUP, and consistently checks into the weekly ARMS Southeastern Net.

21 October 2022