Roger Stubbe

This is Roger Stubbe, WZMU, from Pella Iowa. Born and raised in a Christian family in northwestern Iowa and accepted the Lord as a child. I was licensed as WZMU in 1955.  Have also had the calls of TI2RGS, HC1RT, HC7RT, HC1B and ZL1BUP over the years and have a degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and worked in industry (Collins Radio and E. F. Johnson) for about four and a half years.

I married Joyce in 1959 and have two children and three grandchildren. The oldest daughter, her husband and family are serving as missionaries in the Philippines.

I was called to missionary service in 1964, and left for service with HCJB World Radio in early 1965 to serve in Ecuador.

I worked in various capacities in engineering, programming and administrative ministries in Ecuador for 30 years.  Even spent a year working in the mission's Ecuador accounting office.  Served as an elder and pastor in an local Ecuadorian church there for about 20 years. Assigned to HCJB World Radio home office in Colorado Spring in 1995 and worked in International Radio Development and audience research:

            Arranging for radio program production and airing in various languages

            Heading audience research to better understand people to whom we minister.

            Consultant for our Regional Directors to help them in their ministries.


Elder and teacher in the church in Colorado Springs and now retired and living in Pella, Iowa near my wife's elderly mother and our youngest daughter.

Welcome to ARMS, Roger even though you have been here for some time and thanks for all you do we're glad to have you on board.


20 October 2022