ARMS Section Reports


New Idea for reports

While working on the complete rebuild of our site and at the completion while visiting with Ken, AL7AX, he mentioned that there were only 2014 and 2013 Section reports. Not remembering how they got there or if I just got them from whoever and posted them I was trying to figure out what I had done. As an end result if I could not get them I decided I could just get them from all the old Beam writings and post all from there! Walla!! Idea they are already posted in the beams clear back to 1979 so why am I trying to figure out extra work to copy, paste, set up and put on the site in duplicate. Click on the Beams link on the main page and they are all there. Saves me much work and hope it works for everyone here. Thanks Ken and everyone. Will leave this here to direct all there for them and in reading many of the old Beams I find a lot of very interesting information. Blessings


Net Manager November 2014

Special N7AAG November 2014

Canadian November 2014

Southeast November 2014

Northwest November 2014

Rocky Mountain November 2014

Eastern November 2014

Midwest November 2014

Net Manager November 2014

Presidents Report November 2014

South Central November 2014

Midwest  August 2014

Midwest June- 2014

Southwest Net Gang Pic's 14 Mar 2014

Midwest August 2013