12 pages of convention pictures from May 25-27 2007 Click through each page

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Click here to download a printable 8x10 copy of the group picture above by Craig, WBGFZ.

(Many thanks to W2CYO, K3PTL, K4EQ, KE7BF, and WBGFZ for the pictures on these pages.)

List of Conference Attendees

Dan Baumgarten, W4MGZ

Claude Beachy, W9BNI

Edna Beachy

Barbara Berggren

Frank Brodale, AGM

Vicky Brodale

Adele Birx, WA3ASE

Don Birx, K3RYV

Gerry Brunk, K4RBZ

Shirley Brunk

Connie Gifford

Ora Gifford, KE7BF

Boyce Guffey, K5VSP

Thelma Guffey

Gus Gustafson, KCGWD

Dick Harris, K7VCD

Larry Hodge, W2PT

Pat Hodge

Dave Hoff, WB9GGK

Marjory Hoff

Dale Holloway, K4EQ

Jan Holloway

Dennis Howard, WA7GVT

Don Jensen, KC7WV

Sharon Jensen, KA7DAC

Arnie Kopischke, WADFT

Vicky Kopischke

Robert Kurtz W2CYO

Ken Lewis, K3FMK

Claude Linder, N9BKA

Bernie Linder

Denis Parker, WD4ACH

Andra Parker

Mike Rafferty, K7PTL

Mary Rafferty, K3PTL

Craig Schmidt WB0GFZ

Al Smith, K2CAC

Esther Smith

Parks Squyres, W7PKS

Wanda Squyres

Roger Stubbe, WZMU

Joyce Stubbe

Keith Sykora, WAJGT

Neale Thompson K0LHJ

Paul Wyse, W4PFM

Peggy Wyse, KB4NXR


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