James Davidson

I am James, I am 75 years old, and I have been a ham since 1976 over 40 years now. Not only is it a great hobby, my first call was WNØTMM, then it was WBØTMM Mickey Mouse, then with the extra class it came back KC0DD Donald duck hi hi. No relation to Mister Disney that I know of. I like to build and some of my projects are sierra, ats3, rock mite, ats4 abt. anything KD1JV comes up with is a good design. QRP is my favorite mode and I love CW. I am not fast, never was, but got up to 15 wpm so as to pass my general. So I am below 15 wpm but there’s a lot of hams out there to talk to as slow as me. So long as I can I will see you on the band. NAQCC qrp/cw operating, ARCI and 4sqrp 80 and 40 meters are my choice of hangouts. Rigs at this time are Ten-Tec Jupiter 538, ICOM 7300, all with auto tuners. QRP rigs, ats4, Rock Mite 30, YAESU 817, and MTR3 another Weber toy. Love ham radio, golf, hunting, fishing and my GOD and family. I retired from John Deere as a welder. Straight keys rule hi hi! You all give NAQCC a try I think you will like it, more fun than the Novice days! 4sqrp has a great bunch of folks and lots of neat kits. For those of us not in the know 4sqrp is the “Four state QRP Group”. Check their web site, www.4sqrp.com for net times and new kits coming out. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Have a Blessed day. 72-73 Jim KC0DD, FIST #14673, SKCC #6790, NAQCC #3998, ARCI #4897, BC #1181, 4sqrp #187, flying pig #838, NEQRP #836.

18 October 2022