Beam Days Gone By


 Spring 2010 Beam


Joe Lanier, KE5NYS, sent this prayer which he got from a nondenominational Christian ham organization in the UK at and was forwarded to The BEAM from Gerry Brunk, K4RBZ.


Radio Amateur Prayer:

Dear Lord and Father, HEAR us now as
we call to You. RECEIVE this, our Prayer.
Teach us to LISTEN to Your Word
Keep us IN TUNE with Your Will.
Grant us the CAPACITY to obey Your
Commandments. Help us to RESIST evil and the
SIGNALS of Satan. COMMUNICATE to all, on the
earthly world, the joy of Christian fellowship.
TRANSMIT to the hearts of all those who would
HEAR, the comfort and strength of your almighty
POWER. Through Jesus Christ Your Son and our
Lord and Saviour. Amen.