AG0M Shack update

Here are some pix of my new location upstairs. I just do the 75 meter net upstairs, as don't have the 220 hooked up yet for the amp. So I still go down the basement for the 20 meter net. Second pic shows my grounding out arrangement for antennas. I used metal broom stick holders attacked to a angle iron for this. I mounted the electrical box for 110/220 to save the electrician some time. We are not comfortable having any people in house we don't have to due to the pandemic, so may wait until next yr to call the electrician in. First pic shows the table. It was a computer table that I repurposed into a ham table with oak paneling and bucked it up with 2x4s to hold the L4B. The amp will go on top shelf, along with SWR/PWR meter and rotor control box. The 940 will go on the desk top right under the 440. The third pix might scare you with me in it.  You can see my white bear copilot sitting in his chair ready to help out. hi hi. The biggest change in my life has been being elected your new Vice President of ARMS. This is quite an honor you have entrusted to me and I will do my best to not disappoint you. I have not met most of you, but feel a "oneness" with all of you through our common belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Final Shack update

The move is now complete and as you can see the new ham shack is in our multi purpose room, used for many functions, and working well!

Updated 2 May 2022