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TRIESTE - Sea view from Unit� d'Italia square
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Who we are:

ARI Emergency Radiocommunications Trieste is a group of dedicated radio operators in Trieste, north east Italy, committed to public service and assistance in case of disaster.
What we do:

We work cooperatively with organizations and other ARI members in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to provide needed public service communication in cases of need and disaster.

Where we do it:

ARI Emergency Radiocommunications provides emergency communication in Italy. Members are prepared to travel to nearby areas to assist other groups.

During the Polesine floodings in 1951 it begins the civil protection activity of the Italian amateur radio operators. Once large radios in short waves were necessary, while today we can use radios from the dimensions of a cellular telephone. To difference of the telephone, the communications of the amateur radio operators are possible also in all those situations that cause the block of the traditional services of telecommunication, earthquakes and floodings. The most diffuse cellular telephone always enters on a traditional telephone net via cable, subject to the breakdowns that flooding can make. An amateur radio net, beyond counting on radio repeaters in elevated position with battery emergency line, and a great number of amateur radio operators scattered on the territory. Every Italian prefecture has an A.R.I. radio room from which the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of the Civil Protection of Rome are connected employing equipment in short waves (HF). Through the frequencies in VHF, UHF and the ARI repeaters network is carried out instead the local connections, in particular for the Friuli Venezia Giulia region the connections between the four regional prefectures (Trieste, Udine, Pordenone and Gorizia), the COM (main Combined-operations centers) and eventually the SOR (Regional Operating Room) of Palmanova. The prefecture of Trieste was be before to decide of a connection packet UHF to 38,400 bps with the Itanet node of Trieste (IR3TS), from which the Itanet net comes connected all national using the packet links to 1,228,000 bps between Trieste, Aviano (PN) and Padova. In poor words is possible a direct and immediate connection with emplacements packet of Rome, Milan, Bologna, the nations of the "Alpe Adria" comunity, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in particular.
The Section ARI of Trieste has actively participated with own operators to the carried out in occasion of large emergencies like the earthquake of the Friuli, that one of the Irpinia and that one of the Umbria.

IV3QBL in action during" VESUVIO 96" volcano eruption simulation in Naples

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Equipment of ARI Radiocomunicazioni Emergenza Trieste include HF, VHF-UHF radios, antennas, power generators and digital equipment for radio communications through the

Itanet packet network

ARI Trieste - Field Day 


The Victory Lighthouse of Trieste - IQ3V

Italy wiew from Meteosat
direct satellite reception -  UTC time




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Weather Radar Operations Center (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Images from Meteosat satellite
They are gotten from ARPA's Weather Forecast Center every half an hour, 11 minutes after the beginning of satellite's transmission.



Meteosat VIS image



Meteosat IR inmage

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